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Challenge Rules

If you are going to post a challenge, please follow these steps:

First, is to number your challenge. You would do so by first keeping up to date on what number of challenges we are on. You will place this in the Subject line of your post. For example, if the last challenge was "Challenge 19", you challenge would be titled "Challenge 20". I want to be able to keep up with and link challenges on the profile page.

Second, fill out a heading for the challenge.

Name of the challenge:(Here you would name your challenge. For example, "Water Challenge" or "Lose 20 pounds by Halloween")
Duration:(If you have an ongoing challenge such as not drinking soft drinks, put "On going". If it is an ongoing challenge with a time frame, put "On going. Every 21 days")
End Date:(This is for challenges that have specific time goals, such as loose 20lbs by Halloween 2007. If you do not have an end date, you don't have to include this.)
Date to sign up by:(Again, this is for challenges with a time frame. Using the "Lose 20 pounds by Halloween 2007" example, it is not feasible for someone to sign up say in October. Thus you will need to decide when the cut off date to join the challenge will be. REMEMBER: Professionals say that it is unhealthy to loose more that 2.5 pounds a week. So I would keep a 3lbs a week as a guideline to judging cut off dates)
Explanation of challenge:(This is where you explain what your challenge is about and any rules that it may have.)

Third, the guidelines. Some of which I have already addressed above but here they are again.

Challenge Guidelines

1) Follow the basic format.
2) Concerning weight loss, keep in mind that doctor's say it is not healthy to loose more than 2.5 pounds a week. When you set up a challenge that that into consideration. I personally round up to 3lbs and actually shoot for 4lbs. But each person is different and their health MUST come first.
3) Make sure your challenge is realistic. In other words, put some thought into.
4) Make sure your challenge is healthy. Granted, there are differences in opinions on what is healthy but surely we can all agree that eating high sugar foods are not good for you or that smoking is bad for you as well.
5) Challenges aren't just for weight loss. They are also for a healthy lifestyle change. So if you want to stop smoking and want to post a challenge on that, go for it.
6) If you are making a post to check in with your stats, be sure to put "Challenge 2 Check In" or something to that effect AND add a link to the challenge post.

Sounds simple enough, right? If you are still confused just watch how other challenges are done before posting on of your own and join in a challenge or two yourself. If still confused and have questions, just comment here.
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